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"Assassin's Crossbow" Summoning Gem to 02D9
02DB to 45.0N, 37.5E - Abandoned Hut
45.2S, 39.1E - Undead Fort to 8600
8602 to A Perfect Paradox
A Perfect Snowman Eye to Aerbax's Prodigal Mosswart
Aerbax's Prodigal Olthoi to An Explorer Sword
An Explorer Sword (Retired) to Arakae
Aran to Asheron's Lesser Benediction
Asheron's Lesser Benediction (Spell) to Axe Mastery Other I
Axe Mastery Other II to Beret (Loot)
Beret (Red) to Blinding Virindi Energy Cluster
Blistered Zombie Essence (200) to Brittlemail V
Brittlemail VI to Carefully Printed Note
Carefully rolled scroll to Chorizite Fletching Tool
Chorizite Formula to Contract for Dark Isle Delivery
Contract for Dark Isle Scouting to Cragstone Advance Camp
Cragstone Advance Tower to Dark Isle Flagging
Dark Isle Sclavus Temples to Developers
Device Room Portal to Dungeon Manor
Dungeon Manor Directions to Enchanted Pyreal Phial
Enchanted Pyreal Phial Pea to Expired Stamina Draught
Expired Stamina Potion to Fine Armoredillo Hide Shirt (Retired)
Fine Armoredillo Shirt to Foolproof Black Opal Orders
Foolproof Emerald to Frozen Wight Lair
Frozen Wight Sorcerer to Gingerbread
Gingerbread Dough to Greater Frog Crotch Quarrel
Greater Frore Ward to Hanadi the Barkeeper
Hanamoto Aki'ko to Heavy Crossbow
Heavy Drudge Prowler to Hunter's Acumen
Hunter's Crystal to Incantation of Magic Item Tinkering Expertise Self
Incantation of Magic Item Tinkering Ignorance Other to Inscription of Sword Mastery Self
Inscription of Thrown Weapons Ineptitude Other to Joroshi's Key
Josef to Knorr Academy Helm
Knorr Academy Pauldrons to Leikotha
Leikotha's Crypt to Linen Salvage
Ling Xiao the Collector to Mace Ineptitude Other I
Mace Ineptitude Other II to Mana Barrier
Mana Beef Noodle to Mayoi
Mayoi (Town Network Sign) to Minor Acid Ward
Minor Alchemical Prowess to Mosswart Feud Rumor
Mosswart Gladiator to Niccolo De Luca
Nicks Signature Mansion to Obsidian Gateway
Obsidian Golem to Pack Martine
Pack Max to Pet Gumdrop
Pet Items to Priscilla the Healer
Prism Shard to Radiant Blood Sollerets Chest
Radiant Blood Sollerets Key to Renegade's Token
Renegade Adept Shaman to Ruined Amulet of the Arm
Ruined Amulet of the Atlatl to Scepter of Might
Scepter of Might (Aerbax's Prodigal Lugian) to Scroll of Corruption VI
Scroll of Corruption VII to Scroll of Health to Mana Self IV
Scroll of Health to Mana Self V to Scroll of Nether Arc VII
Scroll of Nether Blast III to Scroll of Void Mastery Other VII
Scroll of Volition of the Conclave to Shadow Pauldrons
Shadow Pauldrons (Clouded Spirit) to Sigil of Destruction IV
Sigil of Destruction IX to Small Shreth Hide
Small Skeletal Falatacot Reliquary to Spectral Dagger
Spectral Dagger Mastery to Stinging Needles
Stinging Stone Quest to Sword of Lost Light
Sword of Lost Light (250 Wield) to The Hope Slayer
The Hour of Story to Tomb of the Dead - Alloy Contraption
Tombs of the Sand Kings to Turban (Dark Yellow)
Turban (Deep Red) to Upper Catacombs Complex
Upper Chakron Flux to Void Magic Mastery Other VI
Void Magic Mastery Other VII to West Rithwic Estates
West Sawato Cottages to Yevic Surveil
Yew Pea to Zumaq al-Jaluzi
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