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November 1999 - Announcements Page


Turbine/Microsoft Announcements

Release Notes

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Letter to the Players

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Aluvian Realm

Holtburg - Starting town. Lytelthorpe - Starting town. Rithwic - Starting town.
Arwic Cragstone - Capital. Dryreach
Eastham Fort Tethana Glenden Wood
Plateau Village Stonehold Underground City

Sho Nation

Nanto - Starting town. Shoushi - Starting Town. Yanshi - Starting town.
Baishi Hebian-To - Capital. Kara
Lin Mayoi Sawato
Tou-Tou Wei Jhou

Gharu'ndim Kingdom

Al-Arqas - Starting town. Samsur - Starting town. Yaraq - Starting Town.
Al-Jalima Khayyaban Qalaba'r
Tufa Uziz Zaikhal - Capital.

Independent/Other Towns

Bandit Castle Beach Fort Crater Lake Village
Neydisa Castle


Quest Items

Quest Armor
  • Bandit Shield (Retired) Icon.png
Bandit Shield (Retired)
  • Branith's Shirt (Retired) Icon.png
Branith's Shirt (Retired)
  • Fiery Shield Icon.png
Fiery Shield
  • Green Mire Yoroi Cuirass (Retired) Icon.png
Green Mire Yoroi Cuirass (Retired)
  • Metal Round Shield Icon.png
Metal Round Shield
  • Platemail Hauberk (Retired) Icon.png
Platemail Hauberk (Retired)
  • Superior Helmet Icon.png
Superior Helmet
  • Superior Shield (Retired) Icon.png
Superior Shield (Retired)
  • Trothyr's Shield Icon.png
Trothyr's Shield

Quest Weapons
  • Acid Axe (Retired) Icon.png
Acid Axe (Retired)
  • Branith's Staff (Retired) Icon.png
Branith's Staff (Retired)
  • Brogord's Axe Icon.png
Brogord's Axe
  • Dagger of Tikola (Retired) Icon.png
Dagger of Tikola (Retired)
  • Dull Dagger Icon.png
Dull Dagger
  • Enchanted Fire Arrow Icon.png
Enchanted Fire Arrow
  • Fire Spear Icon.png
Fire Spear
  • Gertarh's Dagger Icon.png
Gertarh's Dagger
  • Green Mire Yari (Retired) Icon.png
Green Mire Yari (Retired)
  • Hammer of Lightning Icon.png
Hammer of Lightning
  • Ice Tachi Icon.png
Ice Tachi
  • Lilitha's Bow Icon.png
Lilitha's Bow
  • Lilitha's Arrows Icon.png
Lilitha's Arrows
  • Overlord's Sword (Retired) Icon.png
Overlord's Sword (Retired)
  • Quarter Staff of Fire (Retired) Icon.png
Quarter Staff of Fire (Retired)
  • Sword of Lost Light (Retired) Icon.png
Sword of Lost Light (Retired)
  • Tibri's Fire Spear Icon.png
Tibri's Fire Spear
  • Trothyr's War Hammer Icon.png
Trothyr's War Hammer

Crafted Items

Crafted Armor
  • Armoredillo Hide Bracers (Retired) Icon.png
Armoredillo Hide Bracers (Retired)
  • Armoredillo Hide Breastplate (Retired) Icon.png
Armoredillo Hide Breastplate (Retired)
  • Armoredillo Hide Coat (Retired) Icon.png
Armoredillo Hide Coat (Retired)
  • Gromnie Hide Cuirass Icon.png
Gromnie Hide Cuirass
  • Gromnie Hide Pauldrons Icon.png
Gromnie Hide Pauldrons
  • Gromnie Hide Shirt Icon.png
Gromnie Hide Shirt
  • Mattekar Hide Coat Icon.png
Mattekar Hide Coat
  • Mattekar Hide Sleeves Icon.png
Mattekar Hide Sleeves
  • Obsidian Crown Icon.png
Obsidian Crown
  • Olthoi Helm (Retired) Icon.png
Olthoi Helm (Retired)
  • Reedshark Hide Greaves Icon.png
Reedshark Hide Greaves
  • Reedshark Hide Leggings Icon.png
Reedshark Hide Leggings

Crafted Weapons
  • Auroch Horn Spear (Retired) Icon.png
Auroch Horn Spear (Retired)
  • Ash Tooth Dagger (Retired) Icon.png
Ash Tooth Dagger (Retired)
  • Golem Jo (Retired) Icon.png
Golem Jo (Retired)
  • Golem Mace (Retired) Icon.png
Golem Mace (Retired)
  • Olthoi Sword (Retired) Icon.png
Olthoi Sword (Retired)
  • Ivory Tooth Dart Icon.png
Ivory Tooth Dart
  • Jade Tooth Quarrel Icon.png
Jade Tooth Quarrel
  • Swamp Tooth Arrow Icon.png
Swamp Tooth Arrow
  • Spine Axe (Retired) Icon.png
Spine Axe (Retired)
  • Orb of Black Fire (Retired) Icon.png
Orb of Black Fire (Retired)
  • Wand of Black Fire (Retired) Icon.png
Wand of Black Fire (Retired)
  • White Virindi Wand (Retired) Icon.png
White Virindi Wand (Retired)

  • Blue Gem Icon.png
Blue Gem
  • Red Gem Icon.png
Red Gem
  • Dull Gem Icon.png
Dull Gem
  • Gem of Black Fire Icon.png
Gem of Black Fire
  • Obsidian Ring Icon.png
Obsidian Ring
  • Potion of Black Fire Icon.png
Potion of Black Fire

Store-bought Items

Store-bought Leather Armor
  • Leather Basinet Icon.png
Leather Basinet
  • Leather Boots Icon.png
Leather Boots
  • Leather Bracers Icon.png
Leather Bracers
  • Leather Breastplate Icon.png
Leather Breastplate
  • Leather Cap Icon.png
Leather Cap
  • Leather Coat Icon.png
Leather Coat
  • Leather Cowl Icon.png
Leather Cowl
  • Leather Cuirass Icon.png
Leather Cuirass
  • Leather Gauntlets Icon.png
Leather Gauntlets
  • Leather Girth Icon.png
Leather Girth
  • Leather Greaves Icon.png
Leather Greaves
  • Leather Leggings Icon.png
Leather Leggings
  • Leather Pauldrons Icon.png
Leather Pauldrons
  • Leather Shirt Icon.png
Leather Shirt
  • Leather Sleeves Icon.png
Leather Sleeves

Store-bought Studded Leather Armor
  • Studded Leather Basinet Icon.png
Studded Leather Basinet
  • Studded Leather Boots Icon.png
Studded Leather Boots
  • Studded Leather Bracers Icon.png
Studded Leather Bracers
  • Studded Leather Breastplate Icon.png
Studded Leather Breastplate
  • Studded Leather Coat Icon.png
Studded Leather Coat
  • Studded Leather Cowl Icon.png
Studded Leather Cowl
  • Studded Leather Cuirass Icon.png
Studded Leather Cuirass
  • Studded Leather Gauntlets Icon.png
Studded Leather Gauntlets
  • Studded Leather Girth Icon.png
Studded Leather Girth
  • Studded Leather Greaves Icon.png
Studded Leather Greaves
  • Studded Leather Leggings Icon.png
Studded Leather Leggings
  • Studded Leather Pauldrons Icon.png
Studded Leather Pauldrons
  • Studded Leather Shirt Icon.png
Studded Leather Shirt
  • Studded Leather Sleeves Icon.png
Studded Leather Sleeves

Store-bought Chainmail Armor
  • Chainmail Basinet Icon.png
Chainmail Basinet
  • Chainmail Bracers Icon.png
Chainmail Bracers
  • Chainmail Breastplate Icon.png
Chainmail Breastplate
  • Chainmail Coif Icon.png
Chainmail Coif
  • Chainmail Gauntlets Icon.png
Chainmail Gauntlets
  • Chainmail Girth Icon.png
Chainmail Girth
  • Chainmail Greaves Icon.png
Chainmail Greaves
  • Chainmail Leggings Icon.png
Chainmail Leggings
  • Chainmail Pauldrons Icon.png
Chainmail Pauldrons
  • Chainmail Shirt Icon.png
Chainmail Shirt
  • Chainmail Sleeves Icon.png
Chainmail Sleeves

Store-bought Platemail Armor
  • Platemail Breastplate Icon.png
Platemail Breastplate
  • Platemail Gauntlets Icon.png
Platemail Gauntlets
  • Platemail Girth Icon.png
Platemail Girth
  • Platemail Greaves Icon.png
Platemail Greaves
  • Platemail Leggings Icon.png
Platemail Leggings
  • Platemail Pauldrons Icon.png
Platemail Pauldrons
  • Platemail Vambraces Icon.png
Platemail Vambraces

Store-bought Scalemail Armor
  • Scalemail Basinet Icon.png
Scalemail Basinet
  • Scalemail Bracers Icon.png
Scalemail Bracers
  • Scalemail Breastplate Icon.png
Scalemail Breastplate
  • Scalemail Cuirass Icon.png
Scalemail Cuirass
  • Scalemail Gauntlets Icon.png
Scalemail Gauntlets
  • Scalemail Girth Icon.png
Scalemail Girth
  • Scalemail Greaves Icon.png
Scalemail Greaves
  • Scalemail Hauberk Icon.png
Scalemail Hauberk
  • Scalemail Leggings Icon.png
Scalemail Leggings
  • Scalemail Pauldrons Icon.png
Scalemail Pauldrons
  • Scalemail Shirt Icon.png
Scalemail Shirt

Store-bought Yoroi Armor
  • Kote Icon.png
  • Yoroi Breastplate Icon.png
Yoroi Breastplate
  • Yoroi Cuirass Icon.png
Yoroi Cuirass
  • Yoroi Girth Icon.png
Yoroi Girth
  • Yoroi Greaves Icon.png
Yoroi Greaves
  • Yoroi Leggings Icon.png
Yoroi Leggings
  • Yoroi Pauldrons Icon.png
Yoroi Pauldrons
  • Yoroi Sleeves Icon.png
Yoroi Sleeves

Store-bought Bows
  • Longbow Icon.png
  • Nayin Icon.png
  • Shortbow Icon.png
  • Shouyumi Icon.png
  • Yag Icon.png
  • Yumi Icon.png

Store-bought Crossbows
  • Heavy Crossbow Icon.png
Heavy Crossbow
  • Light Crossbow Icon.png
Light Crossbow

Store-bought Thrown Weapons
  • Djarid Icon.png
  • Javelin Icon.png
  • Shouken Icon.png
  • Throwing Axe Icon.png
Throwing Axe
  • Throwing Club Icon.png
Throwing Club
  • Throwing Dagger Icon.png
Throwing Dagger
  • Throwing Dart Icon.png
Throwing Dart

Store-bought Axes
  • Battle Axe Icon.png
Battle Axe
  • Hand Axe Icon.png
Hand Axe
  • Ono Icon.png
  • Shou-ono Icon.png
  • Silifi Icon.png
  • Tungi Icon.png
  • War Hammer Icon.png
War Hammer

Store-bought Daggers
  • Dagger (Weapon) Icon.png
Dagger (Weapon)
  • Khanjar Icon.png
  • Jambiya Icon.png
  • Knife Icon.png

Store-bought Maces
  • Club Icon.png
  • Dabus Icon.png
  • Jitte Icon.png
  • Kasrullah Icon.png
  • Mace (Weapon) Icon.png
Mace (Weapon)
  • Morning Star Icon.png
Morning Star
  • Tofun Icon.png
  • Torch Icon.png

Store-bought Spears
  • Budiaq Icon.png
  • Spear (Weapon) Icon.png
Spear (Weapon)
  • Yari Icon.png

Store-bought Spears
  • Jo Icon.png
  • Nabut Icon.png
  • Quarter Staff Icon.png
Quarter Staff

Store-bought Swords
  • Broad Sword Icon.png
Broad Sword
  • Kaskara Icon.png
  • Ken Icon.png
  • Long Sword Icon.png
Long Sword
  • Scimitar Icon.png
  • Shamshir Icon.png
  • Short Sword Icon.png
Short Sword
  • Simi Icon.png
  • Takuba Icon.png
  • Tachi Icon.png
  • Yaoji Icon.png

Store-bought Unarmed Combat Weapons
  • Cestus Icon.png
  • Katar Icon.png
  • Nekode Icon.png


Armoredillo Icon.png Armoredillo
Auroch Icon.png Auroch
Banderling Icon.png Banderling
Cow Icon.png Cow
Drudge Icon.png Drudge
Fire Elemental Icon.png Fire Elemental
Golem Icon.png Golem
Gromnie Icon.png Gromnie
Knathtead Icon.png Knathtead
Lugian Icon.png Lugian
Mattekar Icon.png Mattekar
Mite Icon.png Mite
Monouga Icon.png Monouga
Mosswart Icon.png Mosswart
Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi
Phyntos Wasp Icon.png Phyntos Wasp
Rabbit Icon.png Rabbit
Rat Icon.png Rat
Reedshark Icon.png Reedshark
Sclavus Icon.png Sclavus
Shadow Icon.png Shadow
Shallows Shark Icon.png Shallows Shark
Shreth Icon.png Shreth
Skeleton Icon.png Skeleton
Target Icon.png Target
Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok
Tusker Icon.png Tusker
Undead Icon.png Undead
Virindi Icon.png Virindi
Wisp Icon.png Wisp
Zefir Icon.png Zefir

Splash Screen

Release Splash Screen.jpg

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