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Buffing Potions

See also: Category:Buffing Items

Name Spell/Effect Duration Obtained From
Gonjoku's Mana Infusion Icon.png Gonjoku's Mana Infusion Mana Giver - +15 Mana 8.5 Minutes Trade Alliance Quest
Harbinger Blood Infusion Icon.png Harbinger Blood Infusion Harbinger Blood Infusion - +300 Armor 15 Minutes Aerbax's Prodigal Harbinger
Platinum Spirits Icon.png Platinum Spirits Innervate - +200 Stamina 4 hours Platinum Golem Mountain King Kill Task
Potion of Destiny's Wind Icon.png Potion of Destiny's Wind Destiny's Wind - +100 Mana 90 Minutes Collectors
Potion of Endless Vigor Icon.png Potion of Endless Vigor Endless Vigor - +100 Stamina 90 Minutes Collectors
Refreshing Water Icon.png Refreshing Water Refreshment - +10 Missile Defense 4 Hours Glacial Golem Margrave Kill Task

Health Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Academy Healing Potion Icon.png Academy Healing Potion +25 Health Retired
Acidic Infusion Icon.png Acidic Infusion +100 Health Olthoi Matron (Soldier Vendor)
Olthoi Matron (Spitter Vendor)
Black Market Health Elixir Icon.png Black Market Health Elixir * +300 Health Black Market
Enhanced Health Elixir Icon.png Enhanced Health Elixir ** +200 Health Royal Guard (2008 Compensation)
Expired Health Draught Icon.png Expired Health Draught +10 Health Fishing
Expired Health Potion Icon.png Expired Health Potion +25 Health Fishing
Expired Health Tincture Icon.png Expired Health Tincture +50 Health Fishing
Hangover Cure Icon.png Hangover Cure +65 Health Ulgrim's Casting Stein
Health Draught Icon.png Health Draught +10 Health Alchemy, Healer, Loot
Health Elixir Icon.png Health Elixir +65 Health Captain K'rank's Errands, Trophy Smith, Casino, An Aun Hea Romance, Loot
Health Philtre Icon.png Health Philtre +100 Health Loot
Health Tincture Icon.png Health Tincture +50 Health Loot, Healer
Healing Tonic Icon.png Healing Tonic +8 Health Retired
Health Tonic Icon.png Health Tonic +85 Health Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands
Potion of Black Fire Icon.png Potion of Black Fire +100 Health Obsidian Enchanter
Potion of Healing Icon.png Potion of Healing +25 Health Alchemy, Lost Distillery Quest, Healer
Refreshing Elixir Icon.png Refreshing Elixir +500 Health Rares
Trade Health Elixir Icon.png Trade Health Elixir +70 Health Alchemy

Mana Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Academy Mana Potion Icon.png Academy Mana Potion +25 Mana Retired
Black Market Mana Elixir Icon.png Black Market Mana Elixir * +500 Mana Black Market
Distilled Mana Potion Icon.png Distilled Mana Potion +120 Mana Coarse Hide Shirt and Distilled Mana Potions
Enhanced Mana Elixir Icon.png Enhanced Mana Elixir ** +200 Mana Royal Guard (2008 Compensation)
Expired Mana Draught Icon.png Expired Mana Draught +10 Mana Fishing
Expired Mana Potion Icon.png Expired Mana Potion +25 Mana Fishing
Expired Mana Tincture Icon.png Expired Mana Tincture +50 Mana Fishing
Mana Draught Icon.png Mana Draught +10 Mana Loot, Healer, Alchemy
Mana Elixir Icon.png Mana Elixir +65 Mana Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands
Mana Philtre Icon.png Mana Philtre +100 Mana Loot
Mana Potion Icon.png Mana Potion +25 Mana Loot, Healer, Alchemy
Mana Tincture Icon.png Mana Tincture +50 Mana Loot, Healer
Mana Tonic Icon.png Mana Tonic +85 Mana Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands
Miraculous Elixir Icon.png Miraculous Elixir +500 Mana Rares
Saliva Invigorator Icon.png Saliva Invigorator +100 Mana Olthoi Matron (Soldier Vendor)
Olthoi Matron (Spitter Vendor)
Trade Mana Elixir Icon.png Trade Mana Elixir +70 Mana Alchemy

Stamina Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Academy Stamina Potion Icon.png Academy Stamina Potion +25 Health Retired
Acidic Rejuvenation Icon.png Acidic Rejuvenation +100 Stamina Olthoi Matron (Soldier Vendor)
Olthoi Matron (Spitter Vendor)
Draught of Revitalization Icon.png Draught of Revitalization +250 Stamina Luminance
Expired Stamina Draught Icon.png Expired Stamina Draught +10 Stamina Fishing
Expired Stamina Potion Icon.png Expired Stamina Potion +25 Stamina Fishing
Expired Stamina Tincture Icon.png Expired Stamina Tincture +60 Stamina Fishing
Invigorating Elixir Icon.png Invigorating Elixir +500 Stamina Rares
Stamina Brew Icon.png Stamina Brew +85 Stamina Loot
Stamina Elixir Icon.png Stamina Elixir +65 Stamina Loot, Healer, Captain K'rank's Errands
Stamina Philtre Icon.png Stamina Philtre +125 Stamina Loot
Stamina Potion Icon.png Stamina Potion +25 Stamina Loot, Healer
Stamina Tincture Icon.png Stamina Tincture +60 Stamina Loot, Healer
Stamina Tonic Icon.png Stamina Tonic +100 Stamina Loot, Captain K'rank's Errands

Dispel Potions

Name Effect Obtained From
Condensed Dispel Potion Icon.png Condensed Dispel Potion Eradicate All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 7 or less from the user Alchemy
Concentrated Dispel Potion Icon.png Concentrated Dispel Potion Nullify All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 6 or less from the user Alchemy
Dispel Potion Icon.png Dispel Potion Devour All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 4 or less from the user Alchemy
Strong Dispel Potion Icon.png Strong Dispel Potion Purge All Magic Other - Removes all negative spells of level 5 or less from the user Alchemy

All Potions

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