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Player Versus Player (PvP) refers to any content where players compete against each other, as opposed to against the game's Non Player Characters. In AC, PvP usually refers to characters with the status of Player Killer or Player Killer Lite, but may also refer other content such as Chess.

Player Killer

Main Article: Player Killer

Introduced in Beta, Player Killers (PKs) may harm other PKs. When killed, PKs lose Vitae and drop items, and the killer will gain experience. PKs appear as a red blip on the Radar.

Player Killer Lite

Main Article: Player Killer Lite

Introduced in Groundswell, Player Killer Lite (PKL) status is similar to PK, but with less risks and rewards. PKLs may only harm other PKLs. When killed, PKLs do not lose vitae or drop items, and the killer will not gain experience. PKLs appear as a pink blip on the Radar.

Olthoi Play

Main Article: Olthoi Play

Introduced in From Darkness, Light, Olthoi Play is a system designed to allow players to jump right into the higher level Player vs. Player action without the need to spend vast amounts of time leveling and collecting gear. The downside is that Olthoi Play is highly restricted. Olthoi PKs appear as a red blip on the Radar.

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