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Due to repeated spammer vandalism of our wiki we have disabled standard account creation. You can still create an account though. We apologize for the inconvenience but you will need to use the directions below to create a new account so that you will be able to edit the wiki. Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the wiki and the extra hurdle to get started, we depend on users like you to improve content and keep the wiki current.

  1. Contact an existing wiki editor (anyone that already has an account) and ask them to log in and then visit the following link (or just tell them to click on the "New Account Creation" link in the Help box on the front page):
  2. Tell them the name you would like for your account, they will put in that name, enter a temporary password, then click "Create Account". They do not need to enter an email or a real name, just user name/password.
  3. Once they have done this and have given you the temporary password you can log in and go to Special:Preferences so you can fill in your profile and change your password to one of your own choosing.
  4. Probably the fastest way to accomplish this would be to find a friend in game who has an account who could do this for you right away or ask in /cg. You can also use the following contacts if you don't mind waiting a short while:
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