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Introduced during the From Darkness, Light event.

From the 11th Anniversary Preview:

With the release of the Empyreans from portal space, much has happened around Dereth. The newly released Empyrean adventurers are not the only Empyreans to travel the lands of Dereth after their long internment. Trapped with the Empyreans were members of an ancient council -- Seers seeking wisdom to read the signs of Light and Shadow and perhaps gain secrets about what was, what is, and what will be. These Seers were visionaries and pariahs, forever separated from the people they represented by their quest for knowledge.

Five Seers were trapped apart from their people by chance. Each of these Seers gathered in ancient times to discuss the secrets of this world and perhaps others. These five Seers each represent one faction of the ancient Empyreans and each studies the mysteries of Light and Shadow in a different way.

These five Oracles have gone forth into the far corners of Dereth as both students and teachers. Although they still seek mysteries in the world, each is willing to take on students. By studying with these Seers, the most learned and powerful students can learn to focus Light into Auras that infuse their form. Each Aura strengthens the student a small amount, but the student can learn many things in total. You must be level 200 to learn to earn and use Luminance.

The first Seer to escape portal space is also the easiest to find. Nalicana, the Seer of the Yalain, will take on those willing to learn of the Light as students.
Nalicana has many things to teach you. When you learn to use Luminance, you gain the ability to slowly build it through questing and hunting. You can gather up to 1,000,000 Luminance points before you must spend some by training at the Oracles to earn Luminance Augmentations and gain power. This limit is only the maximum number of points you can accumulate at any one time; you are free to gain more Luminance after your spend your points. So remember to spend your Luminance and stay below the threshold, otherwise you may miss out on Luminance gains as you quest and hunt in the dangerous wilds of Dereth!...Continued

Earning Luminance

Sharing Luminance

Introduced in the The Risen Princess event, Luminance can now be shared in Fellowships. It's controlled under the same UI option as XP, but the share range is drastically shorter.

Luminance Seers

Luminance Auras or Luminance Augmentations as they are also known, can be earned by spending your luminance points with Nalicana at Asheron's Castle and one of the other four seers. You can only use one of these seers at a time. Choose carefully, as once you purchase an augmentation from one of the four, switching to another will result in the loss of both the luminance points and all augmentations from the previous Seer.

"The remaining four Seers are bitter rivals of one another. They do not relish teaching students who follow the guidance of another Seer. Though all the Seers accept (some begrudgingly) Nalicana’s hand in training, they will teach no student who carries the Aura of a rival Seer."

Luminance Auras & Items

The Seers are also craftsmen and craftswomen in their own right and can fashion items from the Luminance of the world. The timer for the Augmentation Gem token can be tracked with the Contract for Aug Gem: Luminance.


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