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A Live Event occurs after a Patch has gone live and usually occurs at different times on different servers. Some events are developer controlled and some are triggered by in game events. It is common for there to be content that can only be experienced during the live event. For example, unique items, titles, creatures, and locations. In these cases the content is afterwards considered Retired.

Frequently Turbine will post a schedule by server ahead of time, but other times you simply have to be online at the time. Commonly a Global Chat message will be sent out alerting players online that a live event is about to begin.

The quality and depth of live events has fluctuated greatly, depending greatly on the resources available to the team at the time.



Asheron's Call Beta Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
Asheron's Call Beta.png
06/02/99 - Apocalypse Party Beta 1
06/14/99 - Scavenger Hunt
07/07/99 - Call to Arms
07/24/99 - Wardiel's Deception
10/25/99 - Fire in the Sky Beta 3 (Open Beta)

Story Arc Events


The Fourth Sending of Darkness Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
2000/01 - The Great Work Sudden Season
2000/02 - The Gauntlet Shadows of the Past
2000/03 - Shadow Abductions Darkness Ascendant
2000/04 - Shadow Invasion Thorns of the Hopeslayer
2000/09 - Fenmalain Soul Crystal Twilight's Gleaming
2000/09 - Caulnalain Soul Crystal Twilight's Gleaming
2000/09 - Shendolain Soul Crystal Twilight's Gleaming
2000/11 - Shard of the Herald Should the Stars Fall
2000/12 - Bael'Zharon's Rampage The Child of Daralet
2000/12 - Bael'Zharon's Defeat The Child of Daralet


The Rise of the New Singularity Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
2001/03 - Virindi Invade Ayan Baqur Spring's Sorrows
2001/07 - Virindi Death Squads Lost in the New Horizon
2001/08 - Virindi and Tumerok Invasion Crests of a Turbulent Sea
2001/10 - Virindi Director Levistras The Widening Gyre


Elements of Revenge Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
0x0600655E.png 0x0600655F.png
2001/11 - Dranith Menacet The Gathering Storm
2002/04 - Bronze Statues Attack Betrayal
2002/05 - Martine Attacks Hidden Vein
2002/06 - Queen Elysa's Ceremonies Castling
2002/07 - Martine's Retreat Opens Repercussions
2002/07 - Gaerlan's Generals Repercussions
2002/08 - The Elemental Cisterns Atonement
2002/09 - Martine vs Gaerlan Verdict
2002/09 - Gaerlan's Defeat Verdict
2002/09 - The Harbinger Verdict


A Time of Chaos Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
A Time of Chaos.png
2003/07 - Olthoi Resurgence A Swelling Tide
2003/08 - Renegade Siege Into the Darkness
2003/09 - Olthoi Invasion Groundswell
2003/10 - Ancient Olthoi Queen Reign of Terror


The Shattered Coil Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
2004/04 - Antius Blackmoor's Investigation Across the Vast Divide
2004/05 - Burun Raids Mired Hearts
2004/06 - Burun and Renegade Meeting Pillars Made of Sand
2004/09 - Morgluuk is Killed A Small Victory
2004/11 - The Burun Kings On Bended Knee
2004/12 - The Power Forges The Calm


The War of Blood and Shadow (Part 1) Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
2005/09 - Vissidal Isle Rises Under Cover of Night
2005/11 - Viamontian Invasion Ashes and Dust
2005/12 - The Death of Antius Blackmoor Ashes and Dust


The War of Blood and Shadow (Part 2) Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
2006/04 - Commander Jared Kurth Raids Shining Runes and Shadowed Hands
2006/06 - Grael's Forces Attack From the Darkest Depths
2006/06 - Rossu Morta vs Whispering Blade From the Darkest Depths
2006/06 - Soul Crystal of the Dark Isle From the Darkest Depths
2006/07 - Carraida's Avenger Toward Ancient Shores
2006/07 - Grael Attacks Shattering the Dark


Favored Sons Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
Favored Sons.png
2007/01 - Bur Portal Summoning Bridging the Vast Divide
2007/04 - Captain Burnja Strange Sightings
12/06/07 - Prodigal Human Investigation Children of the Prodigal Lord
2008/01 - Aerbax's Prodigal Children Children of the Prodigal Lord
2008/02 - Aerbax's Defeat The Beast With Many Heads


T'thuun Arc (Working Title) Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
T'thuun Arc.png
2008/07 - T'thuun Tainted Ley Lines Shattered Lines
2008/08 - Blighted Moarsmen Raids Shattered Lines,
Ancient Powers
2008/08 - Nivinizk T'thuunixis Shattered Lines
2008/10 - T'Thuun's Marauders‎ Seeds of Corruption
2008/12 - Blight Summoner Sins of the Fathers
2008/12 - Summoning Ritual of T'thuun Sins of the Fathers


Ries Woron and the Thugs Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
Ries Woron and the Thugs.jpg
7/4/09 - Thug Attack Old Ghosts
7/11/09 - Thug Camp
7/17/09 - Thug Hideout


Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
05/25/10 - Wedding of Borelean and Hoshino Celebration
November 2, 2010: Siege on Shoushi Hopes and Fears


2011 had no Live Events.


Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
02 26 12 - Wintersebb - Corrupted Pyre Oak 1 Live.jpg
2012/10 Halloween Live Event Seeds of Hope
2012/10 Bael'Zharon Returns Lessons from the Past
2012/08 Lord Bloodhaunt Soulless Sisters
2012/06 - Assisting Lord Mhoire Noble Sacrifice
05/10/12 - All Servers: Shadow Attacks Wayward Prince
4/28/12 - FF - Kidnapped Travelers in Cragstone Retributions
2012/02/25 & 2012/02/26 - All Servers: Undead Attacks Master of Arms


Date - Live Event Name Patch Name
Lord of Inescapable Lies 1 Live.jpg
2013/03/27 Lord Miretrex appears Disturbance in the Desert
2013/07 - Lord of Inescapable Lies Feelings of Dread
2013/07 - The Dark Imagining Feelings of Dread
2013/07 - The Final Dreaming Feelings of Dread
2013/10 - Halloween Shattered Masks

Non-Story Arc Events

See Maggie the Jackcat for links to all of her live event pages




27th, Nov 2013 -
1st Dec, 2013
AC1 Servers Up Save The Date: Black Friday Bonus! Mark your calendars, because we're going to have a bonus XP / Luminance event for Black Friday!
Skip those lines and crazy crowds at the stores and enjoy a +50% bonus to Questing XP and Luminance...
we'll run the bonus from Wednesday November 27th through Sunday December 1st to give you plenty of time to visit with family before you visit your Dereth family!
We're also going to go ahead and extend this bonus to all servers. Hope to see you then.
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