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May 2008 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images

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Release Notes



New UI and Game Changes

New Quests

Live Events

A strange formation of crystals has been spotted east of Samsur

Updated Quests

New NPCs

Updated NPCs

New Locations

New Items

  • Writ of Apology Icon.png
Writ of Apology
  • Pack Aerbax Icon.png
Pack Aerbax
  • Enhanced Health Elixir Icon.png
Enhanced Health Elixir
  • Enhanced Mana Elixir Icon.png
Enhanced Mana Elixir
  • Monty's Golden Keyring Icon.png
Monty's Golden Keyring
  • Arshid's Golden Keyring Icon.png
Arshid's Golden Keyring
  • Gan-Zo's Golden Keyring Icon.png
Gan-Zo's Golden Keyring
  • Aerbax Pack Doll Orders Icon.png
Aerbax Pack Doll Orders
  • Experience Orders Icon.png
Experience Orders
  • Aluvian Casino Key Orders Icon.png
Aluvian Casino Key Orders
  • Gharu'ndim Casino Key Orders Icon.png
Gharu'ndim Casino Key Orders
  • Sho Casino Key Orders Icon.png
Sho Casino Key Orders
  • Foolproof Aquamarine Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Aquamarine Orders
  • Foolproof Black Garnet Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Black Garnet Orders
  • Foolproof Black Opal Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Black Opal Orders
  • Foolproof Emerald Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Emerald Orders
  • Foolproof Fire Opal Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Fire Opal Orders
  • Foolproof Imperial Topaz Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Imperial Topaz Orders
  • Foolproof Jet Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Jet Orders
  • Foolproof Red Garnet Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Red Garnet Orders
  • Foolproof Sunstone Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Sunstone Orders
  • Foolproof White Sapphire Orders Icon.png
Foolproof White Sapphire Orders
  • Foolproof Peridot Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Peridot Orders
  • Foolproof Yellow Topaz Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Yellow Topaz Orders
  • Foolproof Zircon Orders Icon.png
Foolproof Zircon Orders
  • Enhanced Health Elixir Orders Icon.png
Enhanced Health Elixir Orders
  • Enhanced Mana Elixir Orders Icon.png
Enhanced Mana Elixir Orders

Jester's Lost Marbles
  • Jester's Marbles Icon.png
Jester's Marbles
  • Jester's Marker Icon.png
Jester's Marker
  • Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Spectral Ingot
  • ToDo List Icon.png
ToDo List
  • East Armory Key Icon.png
East Armory Key
  • North Armory Key Icon.png
North Armory Key
  • West Armory Key Icon.png
West Armory Key
  • South Armory Key Icon.png
South Armory Key
  • Forge Vault Key Icon.png
Forge Vault Key
  • Forge Vault Icon.png
Forge Vault

Moarsmen on the Shores
  • Coral Encrusted Chest Icon.png
Coral Encrusted Chest
  • Grimy Sea Invasion Key Icon.png
Grimy Sea Invasion Key
  • Desolation Sea Invasion Key Icon.png
Desolation Sea Invasion Key
  • Putrid Sea Invasion Key Icon.png
Putrid Sea Invasion Key
  • Disgusting Sea Invasion Key Icon.png
Disgusting Sea Invasion Key
  • Rank Sea Invasion Key Icon.png
Rank Sea Invasion Key
  • Pallid Sea Invasion Key Icon.png
Pallid Sea Invasion Key
  • Huge Tainted Egg Icon.png
Huge Tainted Egg
  • Extra Large Tainted Egg Icon.png
Extra Large Tainted Egg
  • Large Tainted Egg Icon.png
Large Tainted Egg
  • Medium Tainted Egg Icon.png
Medium Tainted Egg
  • Small Tainted Egg Icon.png
Small Tainted Egg
  • Tiny Tainted Egg Icon.png
Tiny Tainted Egg

Investigate the Factions
  • Blight Rat Key Icon.png
Blight Rat Key
  • Blight Rat Chest Icon.png
Blight Rat Chest
  • Scepter of Menilesh Icon.png
Scepter of Menilesh
  • Blight Lictor's Head Icon.png
Blight Lictor's Head
  • Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction Icon.png
Eldrytch Web Letter of Introduction
  • Canon of the Eldrytch Icon.png
Canon of the Eldrytch
  • Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction Icon.png
Radiant Blood Letter of Introduction
  • Tenets of the Radiant Blood Icon.png
Tenets of the Radiant Blood
  • Celestial Hand Letter of Introduction Icon.png
Celestial Hand Letter of Introduction
  • Principles of the Celestial Hand Icon.png
Principles of the Celestial Hand

Spectral Weapons
  • Axe Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Axe Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Claw Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Claw Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Dagger Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Dagger Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Mace Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Mace Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Spear Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Spear Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Staff Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Staff Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Sword Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Sword Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Bow Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Bow Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Crossbow Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Crossbow Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Atlatl Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Atlatl Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Casting Stamped Spectral Ingot Icon.png
Casting Stamped Spectral Ingot
  • Spectral Axe Icon.png
Spectral Axe
  • Spectral Claw Icon.png
Spectral Claw
  • Spectral Dagger Icon.png
Spectral Dagger
  • Spectral Mace Icon.png
Spectral Mace
  • Spectral Spear Icon.png
Spectral Spear
  • Spectral Staff Icon.png
Spectral Staff
  • Spectral Sword Icon.png
Spectral Sword
  • Spectral Bow Icon.png
Spectral Bow
  • Spectral Crossbow Icon.png
Spectral Crossbow
  • Spectral Atlatl Icon.png
Spectral Atlatl
  • Spectral Casting Staff Icon.png
Spectral Casting Staff

Soul Bound Spectral Weapons
  • Spectral Binding Stone Icon.png
Spectral Binding Stone
  • Soul Bound Axe Icon.png
Soul Bound Axe
  • Soul Bound Claw Icon.png
Soul Bound Claw
  • Soul Bound Dagger Icon.png
Soul Bound Dagger
  • Soul Bound Mace Icon.png
Soul Bound Mace
  • Soul Bound Spear Icon.png
Soul Bound Spear
  • Soul Bound Staff Icon.png
Soul Bound Staff
  • Soul Bound Sword Icon.png
Soul Bound Sword
  • Soul Bound Bow Icon.png
Soul Bound Bow
  • Soul Bound Crossbow Icon.png
Soul Bound Crossbow
  • Soul Bound Atlatl Icon.png
Soul Bound Atlatl
  • Soul Bound Casting Staff Icon.png
Soul Bound Casting Staff

Updated Items

New Titles


|Portaldat 200805.png

New Creatures

Ghost Icon.png Ghost

Golem Icon.png Golem

Moarsman Icon.png Moarsman

No Class Icon.png No Class

Rat Icon.png Rat

Undead Icon.png Undead

Updated Creatures

Wisp Icon.png Wisp


Click image for full size version.

Known Issues

Some of these have been fixed.


Hotfix May 28th

Splash Screen

Introductions Splash Screen.jpg

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