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Housing is used by players to store their items in chests, display items and trophies on hooks and, in the case of Villas and Mansions, give a place for Allegiances to congregate at as well. Housing was introduced as part of the Dark Majesty expansion.

You must have played the game for at least 15 days before you can purchase a house.


Main article: Housing Settlements

Akin to neighborhoods, housing settlements are where most housing is located. With the exception of Mansions, which are never found as part of a settlement, there are also a number of unique non-settlement cottages and villas.

Housing settlements can be quickly reached via settlement portal hubs found near each of Dereth's major Towns.

Summary of Housing Types


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Purchasing a House

Each house in Asheron's Call has a purchase price that is made up of Pyreals, Trophies and one or more Writs of Refuge. In addition, each house also requires upkeep on a monthly basis (with the exception of Residential Quarters, which require upkeep every 3 months).

Note: A list of the required trophies can be found on each individual house page.

Writs of Refuge

A new form of currency was introduced to Asheron's Call for the purpose of purchasing and maintaining houses. The Writ of Refuge is an item granted by members of the Zaikhal Arcanum for performing certain tasks or retrieving and returning certain trophy items to them. These tasks are geared roughly toward the level of the purchaser of the home at each level.

Arcanum Agents can be found in most cities and towns. Stop in and talk to one and he or she will tell you what items can be traded for writs. It is also possible to obtain writs through certain quests.

The Covenant Crystal

Covenant Crystals appear wherever there is a home. It is used to purchase and pay maintenance on the home. They link the character to the home and display the name of the homeowner once the dwelling has been purchased.

The covenant crystal accepts either pyreals or exact trade notes. For example, if purchasing a Villa you can use 2,000,000 pyreals or 8 MMD Notes.

After purchase of a dwelling, the first period's rent/maintenance is due, which is also paid at the covenant crystal. The next due date can be found on the Housing tab of the Map panel.


Main article: Housing Items

Many items in Asheron's Call are specifically used for decorating your home. These items can be placed or "hooked" on House Hooks. Housing Items are sold by Furniture Sellers and many quest rewards are also housing items.

Spellcasting Devices

Many decorations are items known as spellcasting devices that can be hooked and then used to receive buffs or Cantrips. These items can only be obtained through certain quests.

Using House Hooks as Storage

Many types of loot items are also hookable enabling players to use the hooks as extra storage in addition to chests.


The following message was broadcast on October 29 2001 signalling that houses were now purchasable.

You hear the clarion call of horns loud in the distance. The music rises and ebbs and then a susurration of voice magically tickles your ear. "Harken, Isparian. The Agents of the Arcanum stand ready. Ancient evil stalks the land in guises long thought dead. We require your assistance to combat these monstrosities. Whether the evil be a missionary, a knight, or an inquistitor, the end should be the same. Swift and sure. They strike in the forests and in the deserts. They strike in the Dires north and south and in the Obsidian Plains. Find them and destroy them."



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