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List of wiki templates that are used in formatting areas/items that recur frequently across different pages. Their purpose is two-fold, to make using advanced formatting simpler and to allow formatting changes in the future with a single edit (so you don't have to go back and reedit all the pages that use the template). Templates are not only convenient, but they can also "force" a useful uniformity. Some templates are simple and do not require any parameters but most do. If you're new to the term parameter or argument passing in general, see Help:Template for more information.

Unlike the templates listed here, Page Templates are copies of the basic wiki markup code for an entire page and include large areas where unique information is inserted (for example the walkthough on a quest guide). The templates listed here are self-contained, small, and only the specified parameters can be used. Page templates usually contain one or more wiki templates within them, but it is rare for a wiki template to be sufficient to cover the content of an entire page. An analogy would be page templates are like the blue prints of a house, wiki templates are like the lumber and materials, and unique content is like the furniture and people. Also an important technical difference is content using a wiki template looks up the template each time the page is accessed and will reflect the most current version of the template. This is not true for page templates, the content pages do not change if the page template is changed and must be updated manually.

Note: Wikipedia and many other wikis use lower case or first letter upper case (e.g., "Wiki templates" or "wiki templates") in naming articles, templates, images, etc. However due to the specialized nature of ACC Wiki wherein it holds only content related to Asheron's Call, title case is the default for naming because that is what is used in game.

List of Templates

More information for each template can be found by clicking on the template name.


Table of Contents



Archive of Internet Article

See Archive of Internet Article Template for an examples.


Rudimentary components used within many other templates/types of pages.

Page Template Related

Templates that are designed for use on specific Page Templates.

Lore Templates

Templates used in various lore pages:


Technically these are not templates, but they are similar in appearance. These modify a string value or perform some operation. A few that are used often in templates are listed below, for a more complete list, see Help:Wiki Markup and Help:Magic words.

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