Exploration Society Letters

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Exploration Society Letters
Level: 40
Rec. Level: ??
Type: Solo
Starts With: ??
Starts At: See walkthrough
Route or Shortcut: ??
Repeat Timer: None


"We have contacted residents of six cities located in Osteth. These residents have agreed to don the green cap and robes of the Agents of the Society. They have hidden their official town stamp in dungeons near each of their towns. Find the Town Stamp and use it on your Red or Gold Letter. This will create a Stamped Red or Gold Letter, marked with the name of the town whose stamp you used. Take this Stamped Letter to one of the Agents and exchange it for a reward."

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. The reusable town stamps are obtained during the following quests:
  2. You will need Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Scarlet Red Letters for the Amateur Explorer equipment and Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Lucky Gold Letters for the better, and Attuned, Seasoned Explorer equipment. The letters are dropped by level 80 creatures such as those found in the quest dungeons.
  3. Once you have your stamped letter, take it back to one of the Society Agents to be rewarded with a piece of equipment.
  4. You can use the Explorer Finesse Weapons Gem Icon.png Explorer Finesse Weapons Gem, Explorer Heavy Weapons Gem Icon.png Explorer Heavy Weapons Gem and Explorer Light Weapons Gem Icon.png Explorer Light Weapons Gem found beside each agent to change your weapon cast into either a Finesse, Light or Heavy weapon type.

Society Letter Agents

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Society Agent Location Associated Quest
Celcynd the Dour Rithwic - 10.7N, 58.1E in the Bar The Old Warehouse
Dai Ya the Scholar Yanshi - 12.0S, 42.6E in the Bar The Writings of Jhong Mi
Jilsaya bint Dah Al-Arqas - 31.3S, 13.5E in the Jeweler's building Abandoned Shops Quest
Lord Aleval Lytelthorpe - 1.0N, 51.1E in Lytelthorpe Keep tower Lost Distillery Quest
Rubid al-Jurma Samsur - 0.0S, 16.3E at Northwest Samsur Outpost Musansayn's Library
Shin Ro Nanto - 52.3S, 81.6E in the Mage Tower Water for Ji Ra Ping


Per associated quest
Experience: 4,500,000 (85% up to level 50)
Give To → Al-Arqas Agent Lytelthorpe Agent Nanto Agent Rithwic Agent Samsur Agent Yanshi Agent
↓ Stamped Letters
Stamped Al Arqas Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Al Arqas N/A Amateur Explorer Arbalest Icon.png Amateur Explorer Arbalest Amateur Explorer Necklace Of Focus Icon.png Amateur Explorer Necklace Of Focus Amateur Explorer Pants Icon.png Amateur Explorer Pants Amateur Explorer Staff Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Staff Cast Amateur Explorer Vambraces Icon.png Amateur Explorer Vambraces
Stamped Al Arqas Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Al Arqas N/A Seasoned Explorer Arbalest Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Arbalest Seasoned Explorer Necklace Of Focus Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Necklace Of Focus Seasoned Explorer Pants Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Pants Seasoned Explorer Staff Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Staff Cast Seasoned Explorer Vambraces Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Vambraces
Stamped Lytelthorpe Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Lytelthorpe Amateur Explorer Tassets Icon.png Amateur Explorer Tassets N/A Amateur Explorer Spear Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Spear Cast Amateur Explorer Unarmed Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Unarmed Cast Amateur Explorer Bracelet Of Strength Icon.png Amateur Explorer Bracelet Of Strength Amateur Explorer Shield Icon.png Amateur Explorer Shield
Stamped Lytelthorpe Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Lytelthorpe Seasoned Explorer Tassets Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Tassets N/A Seasoned Explorer Spear Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Spear Cast Seasoned Explorer Unarmed Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Unarmed Cast Seasoned Explorer Bracelet Of Strength Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Bracelet Of Strength Seasoned Explorer Shield Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Shield
Stamped Nanto Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Nanto Amateur Explorer Sword Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Sword Cast Amateur Explorer Girth Icon.png Amateur Explorer Girth N/A Amateur Explorer Gauntlets Icon.png Amateur Explorer Gauntlets Amateur Explorer Pauldrons Icon.png Amateur Explorer Pauldrons Amateur Explorer Slingshot Icon.png Amateur Explorer Slingshot
Stamped Nanto Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Nanto Seasoned Explorer Sword Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Sword Cast Seasoned Explorer Girth Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Girth N/A Seasoned Explorer Gauntlets Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Gauntlets Seasoned Explorer Pauldrons Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Pauldrons Seasoned Explorer Slingshot Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Slingshot
Stamped Rithwic Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Rithwic Amateur Explorer Ring Of Endurance Icon.png Amateur Explorer Ring Of Endurance Amateur Explorer Greataxe Icon.png Amateur Explorer Greataxe Amateur Explorer Dagger Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Dagger Cast N/A Amateur Explorer Helm Icon.png Amateur Explorer Helm Amateur Explorer Baton Icon.png Amateur Explorer Baton
Stamped Rithwic Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Rithwic Seasoned Explorer Ring Of Endurance Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Ring Of Endurance Seasoned Explorer Greataxe Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Greataxe Seasoned Explorer Dagger Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Dagger Cast N/A Seasoned Explorer Helm Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Helm Seasoned Explorer Baton Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Baton
Stamped Samsur Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Samsur Amateur Explorer Boots Icon.png Amateur Explorer Boots Amateur Explorer Ring Of Quickness Icon.png Amateur Explorer Ring Of Quickness Amateur Explorer Shirt Icon.png Amateur Explorer Shirt Amateur Explorer Nether Staff Icon.png Amateur Explorer Nether Staff N/A Amateur Explorer Mace Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Mace Cast
Stamped Samsur Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Samsur Seasoned Explorer Boots Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Boots Seasoned Explorer Ring Of Quickness Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Ring Of Quickness Seasoned Explorer Shirt Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Shirt Seasoned Explorer Nether Staff Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Nether Staff N/A Seasoned Explorer Mace Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Mace Cast
Stamped Yanshi Scarlet Red Letter Icon.png Yanshi Amateur Explorer Axe Cast Icon.png Amateur Explorer Axe Cast Amateur Explorer Breastplate Icon.png Amateur Explorer Breastplate Amateur Explorer Greaves Icon.png Amateur Explorer Greaves Amateur Explorer Bracelet Of Coordination Icon.png Amateur Explorer Bracelet Of Coordination Amateur Explorer Compound Bow Icon.png Amateur Explorer Compound Bow N/A
Stamped Yanshi Lucky Gold Letter Icon.png Yanshi Seasoned Explorer Axe Cast Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Axe Cast Seasoned Explorer Breastplate Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Breastplate Seasoned Explorer Greaves Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Greaves Seasoned Explorer Bracelet Of Coordination Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Bracelet Of Coordination Seasoned Explorer Compound Bow Icon.png Seasoned Explorer Compound Bow N/A


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Facility Hub Warden

Warden tells you, "Here is a Book of Quests for Young Explorers. Perhaps you will find it useful in your future journies.
Warden gives you A Book of Quests for Young Explorers.

Handing in Stamped Letters

You give Shin Ro Stamped Rithwic Lucky Gold Letter
Shin Ro gives you Seasoned Explorer Dagger Cast
Shin Ro tells you, "Thank you, you must have journeyed far to get here. You are a true Explorer!
Shin Ro tells you, "You will find gems on the table next to me which will allow you to change this weapon into a Heavy, Finesse or Light version."

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