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Introduced during the Rekindling the Light event, the Colosseum is a place that hosts several arena style activies. It is located West of Yanshi, at 11.3S 37.6E. The portal can be recalled, tied and summoned.

There is also a special vendor that sells items for Colosseum Coins Colosseum Coin Collector


Colosseum Arenas

The Colosseum Arenas consist of 18 arenas (rooms), each of which contains a variety of monsters. The goal is to defeat the creatures in all 18 rooms and use the final exit before the 1 hour timer is up. The concept is simple; when you clear a room, the door to the next room appears on the North wall. Being successful in the Colosseum is all about teamwork; everyone has different roles, and must play their role well to succeed.

To begin your Colosseum run, you must have a Colosseum Ticket, which can be purchased from the Colosseum Ticket Vendor for 5 MMDs or any Rare.

There are two entrances to the Colosseum Arena, and while both access the same set of rooms, the Advanced Colosseum Arena will start you further along:

Colosseum Run Goals

Beating the Colosseum

Beating the Colosseum is rewarded with a Colosseum Vault Key which is used to open the Colosseum Vault containing Tier 7 loot and one of five Empyrean Rings.

There are walkthroughs and guides on how to beat the Colosseum in the Advanced Colosseum Arena section.

Colosseum Bosses

Quest guide: Colosseum Bosses

The colosseum contains several bosses, which are in effect a 1-room arena that contains a spawn of monsters and one of the Boss Creatures. Each boss is accessed by using their respective statues that are located along the hallways of the lobby. In order to access these boss arenas, you must be flagged. Flagging consists of completing a certain arena in the Colosseum Arena or Advanced Colosseum Arena. As the difficulty of the boss increases, higher arenas must be completed to allow access:

Note: The Advanced Colosseum Arena begins at Arena 6.

Easter Egg Bosses

In addition to regular Colosseum Bosses, there are also Easter Egg Bosses, which are located behind the Locked Door at the end of the Southeast hall. To access the statues behind the Locked Door, hand an Egg to the Master Arbitrator:


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