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These gems provide unique ways to enhance your characters. By completing a quest to acquire a gem and paying an experience point cost, you can add a new permanent ability to your character. These gems are a new form of character advancement for the most powerful heroes in Dereth, and can only be found in the Throne of Destiny expansion pack.

To acquire an Augmentation, you first need to obtain a blank augmentation gem. Once you've found one of these, bring it to one of the NPCs listed below. Each NPC carries a different Augmentation Gem, which he or she will exchange for a Blank Gem or one of the other Augmentation Gems.

Once you have the Augmentation Gem you want, and enough unassigned experience points to pay for it, simply use the Gem and the new Augmentation will be added to your character! Some types of Gems can be used more than once to further increase your new ability, others can only be used one time. You can always open your Character Information panel to see which Augmentations your character has acquired.

In addition to the standard augmentations listed below, there are also new Luminance Augmentations for players over level 200+.

Blank Augmentation Gems

Blank Augmentation Gems are treated the same way as non-blank ones, so if you turn one in only to find that you cannot use it you can still give it to any trainer in exchange for the desired augmentation. Alternatively, you can return any augmentation gem to Donatello Linante (Silyun) or Arianna the Adept (Bandit Castle) to receive a blank gem.

The Sir Bellas quest is the traditional quest for the blank gem and is also the easiest to complete.

Augmentation Gems

Below is a full listing of possible augmentation gem usage. There is no limit to the number of augmentations you can get. You are only limited by the amount of experience you have to spend. Note that each character race begins with one free augmentation. See Character Races for more details.


Update History

Known Issues

When acquiring the Shadow of the Seventh Mule augmentation the 8th pack slot may not appear until you log off and back on again.

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