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July 2003 - Announcements Page


Turbine Announcements

Teaser Images

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Release Notes

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Letter to the Players

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State of the Code

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A Swelling Tide Video Teaser


Town Crier Rumors

Town Crier tells you, "I am so excited about Candeth Keep. I'm trying to get transfered to it. Those bordertowns see all the action."
Town Crier tells you, "I was looking through my satchels a few days ago and found my Isparian Wand had burned a whole through the burlap and fallen on the ground! It's never done that before!"^
Town Crier tells you, "I've felt the ground shuddering at night, haven't you? Something is happening, I know it."
Town Crier tells you, "It appears as though Hibdin Velos has taken the position once held by Martine.I've heard tell that he moved into the throne room and everything."
Town Crier tells you, "I spent all month gathering minerals for Kreavon in Wei jhou. I stopped by the outpost this morning before coming here and he rewarded me with an odd hat."
Town Crier tells you, "Martine's Retreat could have been such a nice place to live, and now look at it. They have barely enough food to survive."
Town Crier tells you, "My brother has a friend who knows this guy who knows the architect that's working on Candeth Keep. He says the poor guy is really frustrated. Seems that there are too many people trying to make decisions about the town."
Town Crier tells you, "Someone scouting the Renegade encampment at Teth said it sounded like a raid by them could happen any time. You should go see. Then come back and let me know. I can charge people for the information! Ha ha."
Town Crier tells you, "I heard that Ulgrim offended the volcano spirits somehow and the volcano near his house began spitting out small golems everywhere."
Town Crier tells you, "Did you hear? Ulgrim's Island is a spawning ground for Golems. They go there to mate. Huh, wonder how that works."
Town Crier tells you, "Do you think that there is trouble ahead? We haven't heard from Asheron recently, Nuhmudira is up to her old ways...what you don't think it was her that killed Jaleh? I think she did, correct me if I am wrong but didn't she threaten him once. Not to mention the crunching noises in the night."
Town Crier tells you, "I hear that Ulgrim angered Asheron and in retaliation Asheron summoned a hundred golems to attack him."
Town Crier tells you, "Be careful if you go to Candeth Keep. My cousin got hit on the head with a wooden beam that a Lugian was moving. My cousin's kind of a clumsy guy."
Town Crier tells you, "I hear Ulgrim built his house next to an active Volcano. I'm suprised he didn't build his house on top of it!"
Town Crier tells you, "Oh, you heard about some advancements in Tinkering too?"
Town Crier tells you, "I heard that Ulgrim was creating a small golem army to do his bidding, but they rebelled and escaped to a nearby island."

Ulgrim Rumors

No new messages this month.

New UI and Game Changes

Let there be light!
Normality has been restored.

New Quests

Updated Quests

Live Events

The ground trembles, casting stones from cliff faces and snow showering from the highest peaks.
The quake originates near the city of Eastham, but the shockwave can be felt as far away as Marae Lassel.
A piercing wail echoes across the ocean waters near Eastham, and a groundswell of Olthoi can be seen pouring over the Island to the east of the city.

New NPCs

New Locations

Updated Locations

New Items

Candeth Keep Construction Site
  • Surveying Device Icon.png
Surveying Device

Olthoi Resurgence Live Event
  • Olthoi Resurgent Icon.png
Olthoi Resurgent

Asheron's Raiment Quest
  • Brood Matron Claw Icon.png
Brood Matron Claw
  • Brood Matron Pincer Icon.png
Brood Matron Pincer
  • Brood Matron Crest Icon.png
Brood Matron Crest
  • Brood Matron Carapace Icon.png
Brood Matron Carapace
  • Asheron's Lesser Raiment Icon.png
Asheron's Lesser Raiment
  • Asheron's Raiment Icon.png
Asheron's Raiment
  • Asheron's Greater Raiment Icon.png
Asheron's Greater Raiment
  • Asheron's Supreme Raiment Icon.png
Asheron's Supreme Raiment

Renegade Weapons Quest
  • Chest (Renegade Encampment) Icon.png
Chest (Renegade Encampment)
  • A Note Icon.png
A Note
  • Quadruple-bladed Axe Icon.png
Quadruple-bladed Axe
  • Renegade Bow Icon.png
Renegade Bow
  • Renegade Crossbow Icon.png
Renegade Crossbow

Sunstone & Opal Gauntlets
  • Harker's Journal Icon.png
Harker's Journal
  • Harker's Head Icon.png
Harker's Head
  • Virindi Shard Icon.png
Virindi Shard
  • Sunstone Gauntlets Icon.png
Sunstone Gauntlets
  • Opal Gauntlets Icon.png
Opal Gauntlets
  • Harker's Orders Icon.png
Harker's Orders
  • Artificer's Gauntlets Icon.png
Artificer's Gauntlets
  • Bowman's Gauntlets Icon.png
Bowman's Gauntlets
  • Crossbowman's Gauntlets Icon.png
Crossbowman's Gauntlets
  • Enchanter's Gauntlets Icon.png
Enchanter's Gauntlets
  • Hatchetman's Gauntlets Icon.png
Hatchetman's Gauntlets
  • Hieromancer's Gauntlets Icon.png
Hieromancer's Gauntlets
  • Knifer's Gauntlets Icon.png
Knifer's Gauntlets
  • Life Giver's Gauntlets Icon.png
Life Giver's Gauntlets
  • Macer's Gauntlets Icon.png
Macer's Gauntlets
  • Pugilist's Gauntlets Icon.png
Pugilist's Gauntlets
  • Spearman's Gauntlets Icon.png
Spearman's Gauntlets
  • Staffer's Gauntlets Icon.png
Staffer's Gauntlets
  • Swordsman's Gauntlets Icon.png
Swordsman's Gauntlets
  • Tosser's Gauntlets Icon.png
Tosser's Gauntlets

Town Founder Update
  • Miner's Hat Icon.png
Miner's Hat
  • Timberman's Hat Icon.png
Timberman's Hat
  • Trapper's Hat Icon.png
Trapper's Hat

Deadly Barbed Ammunition
  • Bundle of Deadly Barbed Arrowheads Icon.png
Bundle of Deadly Barbed Arrowheads
  • Greater Barbed Atlatl Dart Icon.png
Greater Barbed Atlatl Dart
  • Deadly Barbed Arrow Icon.png
Deadly Barbed Arrow
  • Deadly Barbed Atlatl Dart Icon.png
Deadly Barbed Atlatl Dart
  • Deadly Barbed Quarrel Icon.png
Deadly Barbed Quarrel
  • Wrapped Bundle of Barbed Arrowheads Icon.png
Wrapped Bundle of Barbed Arrowheads
  • Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Barbed Arrowheads Icon.png
Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Barbed Arrowheads
  • Wrapped Bundle of Greater Barbed Arrowheads Icon.png
Wrapped Bundle of Greater Barbed Arrowheads

Sturdy Steel Chests
  • Sturdy Steel Chest Icon.png
Sturdy Steel Chest
  • Sturdy Steel Key Icon.png
Sturdy Steel Key

Updated Items

Useable Salvage
  • Red Garnet Salvage Icon.png
Red Garnet Salvage
  • Aquamarine Salvage Icon.png
Aquamarine Salvage
  • Black Garnet Salvage Icon.png
Black Garnet Salvage
  • Jet Salvage Icon.png
Jet Salvage
  • White Sapphire Salvage Icon.png
White Sapphire Salvage
  • Hematite Salvage Icon.png
Hematite Salvage
  • Imperial Topaz Salvage Icon.png
Imperial Topaz Salvage
  • Silk Salvage Icon.png
Silk Salvage
  • Malachite Salvage Icon.png
Malachite Salvage
  • Leather Salvage Icon.png
Leather Salvage
  • Lavender Jade Salvage Icon.png
Lavender Jade Salvage
  • Copper Salvage Icon.png
Copper Salvage
  • Ebony Salvage Icon.png
Ebony Salvage
  • Carnelian Salvage Icon.png
Carnelian Salvage
  • Yellow Topaz Salvage Icon.png
Yellow Topaz Salvage
  • Teak Salvage Icon.png
Teak Salvage
  • Silver Salvage Icon.png
Silver Salvage
  • Satin Salvage Icon.png
Satin Salvage
  • Porcelain Salvage Icon.png
Porcelain Salvage
  • Bloodstone Salvage Icon.png
Bloodstone Salvage
  • Red Jade Salvage Icon.png
Red Jade Salvage
  • Zircon Salvage Icon.png
Zircon Salvage
  • Peridot Salvage Icon.png
Peridot Salvage
  • Azurite Salvage Icon.png
Azurite Salvage
  • Rose Quartz Salvage Icon.png
Rose Quartz Salvage
  • Smokey Quartz Salvage Icon.png
Smokey Quartz Salvage
  • Citrine Salvage Icon.png
Citrine Salvage
  • Agate Salvage Icon.png
Agate Salvage
  • Lapis Lazuli Salvage Icon.png
Lapis Lazuli Salvage
  • Emerald Salvage Icon.png
Emerald Salvage
You give Jojii Shrine Pyreal.
Run with dragons while you are young.
Your Lucky Numbers are:


Portaldat 200307.png

New Creatures

Golem Icon.png Golem

Lugian Icon.png Lugian

Olthoi Icon.png Olthoi

Simulacrum Icon.png Simulacrum

Tumerok Icon.png Tumerok

Updated Creatures

Known Issues


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Splash Screen

A Swelling Tide Splash Screen.jpg

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